Tuesday, October 14, 2014

How to take the backup of a screen in SAP

Taking the back up of a screen

During development or modification of a module pool program, we will come across a situation to modify the screen as per the requirements. If the existing screen is having lot of customization  it is advisable to take a back up of the screen before proceeding to make changes in it. A simple example is provided in this article which demonstrates how to take the back up of a module pool screen.

1. Screen of a custom TMG is taken for demo purposes.

Flow logic of the screen


Screen Painter


Screen after calling the transaction


2. For taking the back up of the screen, go to Utilities -> More Utilities -> Upload/Download -> Download in the menu bar.


3. Save the file to local system. Thus the screen back up is taken successfully.


4. We can test whether this back up will work perfectly. For testing, make some small changes in the screen and activate it.

5. In the screen, field ‘Country’ is deleted for demo purpose.

Screen Painter after deleting the ‘Country’ field


Screen after activation


6. Now upload the file which was taken as back up earlier to the screen. In the menu, go to Utilities -> More Utilities -> Upload/Download -> Upload.


7. Activate the screen after uploading the file.

8. Now the previously deleted field ‘Country’ is present in the screen after uploading the back up file.

Screen after upload.

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