Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Certification v/s Real Time Experience

certification1 Another famous discussion in IT industry in India lies in whether to do Certification or not. Would it add any meaningful value to my resume? Would it give me any monetary benefit in my current or future Organization? Would it help me in getting a Job?

Well, it depends on who you are currently and at what stage of your career. If you are just out of college without any experience and counting only on Certification to fetch your first Job, I guess you are being rather highly optimistic! For fresher’s entry recruiters look for aptitude and basic technology understanding. It can be in any technology because your first project may not be on something which you already know. It will be decided “as per the business requirement”.

If you are into a domain job and would like to make a career in IT, perhaps the best thing to do is get Certified. It will give you that confidence and also know how of the nomenclature with somewhat a deeper understanding. It would be easier for any Organization to take you and utilize your Domain as well as hone your newly acquired skills.

images (1)If you are already into real time Projects and are well into your IT career, again I think it makes no sense to go for certification. Although there are Organizations wherein there is a culture to get certified but then they are also partners of the certifying Organization. They also have to fulfill a certain criteria to be an esteemed partner.

Real Time Experience is always far better than the information collected during Certification. After all, you may get a driving license while doing your exercise on a Simulator but the test of nerves happens when you actually drive on a Highway! Or park in a multi-level car parking with vehicles ahead and behind you!!

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