Friday, January 4, 2013

Why do you need SAP HANA ?

This article talks about various factors which leads to birth of power full and real time computing appliance –> SAP HANA !!!

What is the need of SAP HANA?
95% people will say Dude its faster that’s why we need it.
But it’s more than that. Let me tell you one real time example: currently there are three “V” any business solution needs to fight with: Volume, varieties and Velocity.
1.Volume ( Information Explosion )

Many years back when you had 1GB pen drive in your hand you were walking like a King!! But those golden days are gone now.
In an organization every year massive amounts of data is created and how fast your business reacts to important information determines whether you succeed or fail. This is a big problem and its getting bigger.
Few Facts about it :
  • IDC estimates that worldwide digital content added up to 487 billion gigabytes in 2009. They predict this will double in 18 months, and every 18 months thereafter.
  • In a Sloan Management survey in 2010 60% of executives said their companies have more data than they know how to use effectively. With data doubling every 18 months, that percentage is going to keep growing.
  • According to EMC, by the end of 2011 there was 1.8 Zeta byte of digital data.
And if you forgot the size units this “V” (Volume) will remind you that:
2.Varieties ( ‘Consumerization’ of IT )

Human is the most unsatisfied, indecisive and unpredictable animal. So the business application needs to be capable enough to handle these ‘Consumerizations’.
Customers expect business experience to be as satisfying as personal experience.
3. Velocity (Speed)
People want instant access to information – ‘in the moment’’ – whether that is a moment of risk or a moment of opportunity. If the moment has passed and your business has not taken the right action, it has failed. People want instant answers. They want them to be right. They want them anywhere, any time.
So to fight with these three “V”: Volume, Varieties and Velocity (A way to process and analyze massive amounts of data in real time.) SAP HANA is born!!!!!
Below image explains the role of HANA.

That is the role of SAP HANA. Using groundbreaking in-memory hardware and software we can
manage data at massive scale, analyze it at amazing speed, and give the business not only instant access to real time transactional information and analysis but also more flexibility. Flexibility to analyze new types of data in different ways, without creating custom data warehouses and data marts. Even the flexibility to build new applications which were not possible before.
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