Saturday, January 5, 2013

MVC Architecture for Webdynpro for ABAP

To understand the Webdynpro for ABAP let us use the same methodology which we used during our school days, splitting the word “Webdynpro for ABAP”.
Web + dynpro + ABAP.
“ A Web application which can be accessed via internet which has a capability of dynamic UI  and build using ABAP is we called Webdynpro for ABAP Application.”
Now you will look puzzled if you already know about ITS.
Why we need it if we already have ITS?
ITS-> internet transaction server.
What ITS does is, it converts all the sap gui screen into HTML pages. This can be viewed from the browser. So it was SAP’s baby steps towards the web application. But if you Google it you will find many disadvantages.
You can refer the —————————-Article to know about how it works and can be used.
After ITS it was time for BSP (Business Server Pages)
If you are a JAVA Guy you will be surprised by name as we already have something called JSP (Java server pages).
BSP is also used to develop the web application it has its own tags which makes the UI element on the browser. You can code in Object oriented programming at technology end to implement the business logic.
If you compare BSP and Webdynpro for abap.
Of course winner will be Webdynpro for abap.
Webdynpro for ABAP is based on the MVC architecture. To explain it in simple way let’s start with
Traditional application
Browser directly accesses the required page.
Let’s say if user types
And the server will return the page to the user as response.

MVC application
Browser directly accesses Controller
So now Mr. Controller comes in between which help us to segregate the business logic and View part.
What is MVC
  • MVC is an architectural Design pattern
  • MVC separates the web application into three different modules
To better understand MVC architecture let take a simple example
Let’s say tomorrow is Your brother or sister’s birthday. So you decided to buy a cake and visit a Bakery Shop.
You request the baker to make a wonderful cake and the Baker collects all the ingredients to make the cake.
After collecting all the ingredients the baker decides on how the cake should look like and selects the
appropriate pan(it may be square, circle etc.).When the cake is ready the Baker responds i.e.
gives you back the cake to celebrate your sisters or brothers birthday. I hope this example makes you clear view on how MVC architecture works.
MVC is a collection of Model/View/Controller
Benefits of MVC
  • It keeps your business logic separate from your (HTML-based) views
  • Keeps your code clean and neat in one place
  • Represents the information and the data from the database
  • Validation of the data
  • Data presentation and user data
  • Rendering  models into one or more formats, such as HTML,XHTML, XML, or even Javascript
  • Dispatches requests and control flows
  • connects the model with the view
  • Process the data that comes from the model.
I think you would have got a clear idea about MVC which is the base of the WebDynpro For ABAP.
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